Privacy Policy at Beerhouse Self Drive Hire

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 22nd May 2018

Should you wish to contact us in relation to data protection, you can find our up to date contact information on our web site.

If you believe we store or process information about you, you can e-mail us to request a copy of this information and/or information about how we use this information. We will then take steps to verify your identity, before responding to your request. There is no fee payable for this service. If we do hold information about you, and you find it to be inaccurate, you may provide accurate information and ask us to correct this. You may also request that we erase data that we hold about you, or request that we refrain from processing it in a particular way, which, after verifying your identity, we will comply with where there isn't an overriding legal reason for us to continue to store or process your data in this way.

If you have any reason for complaint in regards to how we handle personal data please contact us immediately. You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.We will not transfer personal data outside the EU and the UK.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes we will let you know but please regularly check this policy to ensure you are aware of the most updated version.

When we store/process personal dataWhat data we store/processThe purpose(s) of storing/processing this data ("The purpose")Categories of recipients that we may disclose this data to and the purpose of such disclosureTime limitsConsequences of revoking permission for us to store/process this data or failing to provide the data
When you subscribe to our e-mail newslettersYour email address, the date and time you subscribed and how you subscribed.- To send you details of special offers, new products, and other general marketing information.
- To allow you to unsubscribe from our email newsletter service at any time.
The suppliers of the software and service that allows us to technically send e-mails to you.We plan to keep this data for as long as is necessary in order to send you e-mails, or in the case that you may have requested we no longer send you emails, in order to ensure that you don't receive any future marketing emails from us.We will no longer send you marketing emails, but if we don't store your email address and you place a future order with us, you will then start to receive marketing emails again. The best way to ensure you do not receive marketing emails from us is to use the "unsubscribe" link within one of the emails we have sent to you.
Which of our newsletters you have opened, and (if applicable) which areas in our newsletters that you have clicked on.- To allow us to tailor product recommendations, offers and other marketing to you to make it more interesting/targeted.
- For statistical purposes to allow us to see how effective our advertising and marketing is (helping us to have a more informed approach to future advertising and marketing).
The suppliers of the software and service that allows us to technically send e-mails to you.24 months, after which we will only store this data in an aggregated, statistical format that will render the kept data completely unidentifiable.We will not be able to tailor the information we send to you as effectively.
When you contact us via a form on our web siteThe information that you have entered into the form, your IP address, how you found our web site.- In order to respond to and/or fulfil your message/request.
- In order to ensure your message is genuine.
- For statistical purposes to allow us to see how effective our advertising and marketing is (helping us to have a more informed approach to future advertising and marketing).
Any suppliers necessary in order to fulfil your message/request and check your message is genuine. Our suppliers that run the secure servers that power our web site (to allow us to obtain and use your data) and help to run our advertising.This will depend on the need to keep your information, which will depend on the nature of your message/request.We will be unable to fulfil your request or respond to your message.

Security measures to protect the data: All of the data detailed above is collected via our web site/system which offers a secure connection for any data you provide and the data is stored and used securely, with only authorised personnel (and authorised personnel of our suppliers) having access to your data in order to carry out "The Purpose" (as listed above). In addition the processing of any card data complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and your (optional) password will only be stored in an encrypted format and never in "plain text"


Minstergate Retail Privacy Policy


Minstergate Retail strongly believe in protecting the privacy of all our customers.  We will not wilfully disclose information about our customers to any third party without first receiving consent.


Personal Information

All personal information provided to us from individuals will be treated as private and confidential.

Why We Hold Personal Data

Minstergate Retail hold personal data to contact you, our customer, for various purposes including but not limited to:

ü  Rental of vehicles through a rental software

ü  Used Vehicle Sales

ü  Manufacturer product recalls & service work

ü  MOT requirements

ü  Promotional events

ü  To inform you of new products and services from Minstergate Ltd

ü  To comply with legal requirements or lawful authority requests


Sharing of Information

Minstergate retail will never transfer your data without legitimate reason and will not sell your data to marketing companies for the purpose of direct marketing.

Minstergate Retail will not be held responsible for any data breaches from any third party.

Balance of Interest

Where the processing of your personal data is necessary for the pursuit of a legitimate interest, and where this interest outweighs the need to protect your privacy, we may process certain personal data without obtaining your express consent if so permitted by law.

 Website Users

Minstergate Retail do not use cookies on our Website to track information.

Recording of Telephone Calls

Minstergate Retail will record telephone calls for training and monitoring purposes. Only Directors of Minstergate Retail Limited have access to voice recordings and will not share details with third parties unless required to do so for legitimate purposes or lawful requirement.

Close Circuit TV

Minstergate Retail sites all have CCTV for security purposes. The images will only be passed to third parties for lawful requirement or legitimate reasons.    

Account setup

In order for Minstergate Retail to qualify a company for setup of a credit account, sensitive personal data will be retained in computer format by Minstergate Retail. Any paper records created by Minstergate Retail will be destroyed by way of shredding.

Minstergate Retail use credit safe to determine the financial status of the company/directors.

Minstergate Retail will not be held responsible for any Data breaches from Third Parties.

Credit Cards

Minstergate Retail retain credit /debit card details however only until the payment had credited our bank account. Once the payment has been received into our account, all details will be destroyed by way of shredding after one month after the completion of the hire. 

Any credit/debit card details taken over the telephone will not be written down. 

Whilst Minstergate Retail record telephone calls for training and monitoring purposes, only Directors of Minstergate Retail Limited has access to the recordings.


Minstergate Retail will only retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this policy or the purposes of which you have otherwise been informed.  The period we retain your personal data will be for the period required in order for us to meet our legal obligations and defend ourselves in legal disputes.  If we have not received your consent for processing, or you have chosen to Opt out, the data will only be retained to the extent we are permitted to do so by law.


Minstergate Retail will send correspondence to existing customers based on legitimate interest. Correspondence will be in the form of emails, letters and social media.  For example, Current offers correspondence such as MOT reminders, Service reminders, hire promotions will only be sent to customers who have used Minstergate Retail for similar hires in the past.  Hire promotions will be assessed for suitability and relevance based upon your pervious purchase from Minstergate Retail.

Any customer wishing to opt out of receiving correspondence from Minstergate Retail can do so by emailing or writing to the Data Protection Officer, Minstergate Retail Ltd, Unit B, Rotterdam Road, Hull, HU70AN.

If you opt out of receiving correspondence from Minstergate Retail please be aware you will be removed from our Data-base and will not receive any correspondence which includes servicing requirements.

Legitimate Interest

As mentioned above we will market our existing customers based upon legitimate interest. An existing customer means anyone who has hired a vehicle or a service from us within 5 years.

As an existing customer you can opt out of receiving any marketing from us at any time by emailing or writing to the Data Protection Officer, Minstergate Retail Ltd, Unit B, Rotterdam Road, Hull, HU70AN.

If you opt out of receiving correspondence from Minstergate Retail please be aware you will be removed from our Data-base and will not receive any correspondence which includes servicing requirements. 

Will all your Data be destroyed?

Upon request by our customer, Minstergate Retail Limited will remove all personal sensitive data from our computer based records. By doing so, Minstergate Retail Limited will cease from sending any correspondence to customers who have requested their information to be removed. However, some information may be retained in paper format such as copy invoices from vehicle hires.  Minstergate Retail Limited will retain this data for legitimate reasons and to ensure they comply with manufacturer audit purposes and legal requirement.

Data Quality

When we process your data, we strive to ensure the information we hold is correct and up to date.  We will amend data if it is incorrect and will endeavour to update information immediately when informed by you our customer. 

Monitoring of this policy

This policy will be continuously monitored and improvements made where necessary.

Should you have any queries regarding the policy or any aspect of Data Protection please contact our Data Protection Officer at Minstergate Retail Limited, Unit B, Rotterdam Road, Hull, HU70AN.

Or email





In this Agreement the following terms shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them:

Accessories: The spare wheel, tools, roof rack and other items with which the vehicle is supplied and any replacements thereof.

Collision Damage Waiver: A fee calculated in accordance with the Lessor's current tariff which relieves the Hirer of all liability to pay the excess amount. Personal accident (P.A.) Personal Effects (P.E.) Goods in Transit (G.LT)

Current Tariff: The Lessor's tariff current at the commencement of hire.

Driver: The Hirer and/or other person named as such overleaf or any other person previously approved by the Lessor to drive the vehicle.

Excess Amount: The sum specified overleaf as the excess amount.

Hirer: The person named as such overleaf.

Insurance Fees: Fees which entitle the Hirer to the benefits of the cover set out in the master policies issued to the Lessor.

Lessor, Us or We means Minstergate Retail Limited, company number 004491353.

Rental Charges: The hire charges of the rental period calculated in accordance with the Lessor's current tariff.

Rental Period: The period from the date and time out stated overleaf until the re-delivery of the vehicle into the physical custody of the Lessor.

1.     The Insurance Policy: The Lessor's policy of insurance on the vehicle a copy of which is available for inspection at the main office of the Lessor.

a)     should the person signing this Agreement not be the Hirer, he or she warrants that they are authorized to sign for the Hirer and by doing so is jointly and severally liable with the Hirer under this Agreement.

b)     the Hirer, his servant, driver or agent, will not pose as a servant or agent of the Lessor.

c)     the Hirer or driver should be aware of the age stipulations under which this Agreement is made.

d)     the period of rental covered by this contract should not exceed three months (90 days).

e)     the Lessor is not liable in any circumstances for loss or damage to property carried on or in the vehicle, or for any property left in the vehicle on return. The Hirer will indemnify the Lessor against such claims.

f)      without written consent from the Lessor, the Hirer may not remove the vehicle from the British Mainland or any British Isle from which hire began, and may not take the vehicle from Ulster to Southern Ireland.

g)     without written consent the Lessor’s vehicle may not be used to propel or tow any other vehicles or trailer.

h)     the Hirer will not use the vehicle in a manner that would render void the insurance policy under which the vehicle is operating or in contravention of any Road Traffic Act or Construction and Use Regulations, or by any person who is not of stipulated age and licensed to drive, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor in the event of mechanical, electrical or structural failure or damage where further damage might thereby be caused.

i)      in the event of the Hirer not returning the vehicle at the end of the rental period, this is deemed as a breach of this Agreement and damages would be payable at least equivalent to the rental charges for the period until the return or recovery of the vehicle.

j)      the Hirer is not authorised to effect any necessary repairs to the vehicle above the value of £25.00 without the Lessor’s prior consent. Save to the extent that there may be an Excess on the Lessor's insurance that the Hirer is obliged to pay, the Lessor will refund to the Hirer the cost of necessary repairs not exceeding £25.00 (or more if the Lessor's consent gained) on production of a bona fide V.A.T. receipt and replaced parts.

k)     if the Hirer commits any breach of this Agreement the Lessor may treat the Agreement as terminated and take possession of the vehicle (or more if the Lessor's prior written consent has been obtained).

l)      The Hirer must keep the vehicle in their possession. The hirer may not sublet, lend or hire the vehicle.

m)    The Hirer must not mortgage, pledge, loan, transfer or assign either the vehicle asset or this Agreement.

n)     This Agreement and these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

2.     The Hirer Warrants:

a)     to operate the vehicle such that the correct levels are maintained for engine oil, battery fluid, coolant, screen wash, and automatic transmission fluid (where applicable) and to check tyre inflation pressures throughout the period of hire.

b)     to ensure the vehicle is secure when unattended taking all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage to the vehicle its tyres, tools, accessories, equipment or contents.

c)     in the event of any damage, loss or fault development to inform the Lessor immediately and to permit The Lessor to carry out essential repairs. servicing or maintenance.

d)     in the event of an accident the Hirer and/or Driver shall:­

i)      not admit liability or guilt.

ii)     make every endeavour to obtain names and addresses of parties involved and of independent Witnesses.

iii)    notify the police immediately if another party's guilt has been ascertained or if people or animals are injured.

iv)    not abandon the vehicle without adequate provisions for safe guarding and securing the same.

v)     notify the Hirer immediately by telephone and in writing as soon as reasonably practical of the accident and agree to provide full details of the circumstances of the accident when reasonably required to do so by the Lessor and/or their insurers or agents.

e)     to return the vehicle together with its accessories, tyres, tools and equipment to the Lessor at the place of the origin of hire (unless otherwise agreed overleaf) at or before the end of the rental period or on the earlier termination of this Agreement in the condition prevailing at the commencement of the renata (fair wear and tear accepted) clean and tidy (traffic grime accepted).

f)      even though it may be the Lessor's insurance, the Hirer shall be liable to pay the cost of repair or replacement for any damage suffered by the vehicle as a result of wilful action of the Hire servant or agent.

g)     to pay on the Lessor's current tariff for rental and fuel to pay for any accessories, tyres, tools or equipment lost, stolen or damaged to pay the Lessor's costs of recovering the vehicle in the event that the Hirer fails to return it to the Lessor, to pay any penalties, fines or legal costs incurred in the use of the vehicle before it is returned to the Lessor and which the Lessor is obliged to pay (save when caused by the fault of the Lessor) and to pay V.A.T. where appropriate at the current rate.

h)     the Hirer will be responsible for the full value of repair relating to roof damage on commercial vehicles, and any further costs incurred by the lessor relating to the incident.

i)      the Hirer shall not smoke or permit any person to smoke while in the vehicle, if evidence of smoking is found the hirer shall be charged £30.

3.     Fixed Penalties

The Hirer shall be liable as owner of the vehicle in respect of:

a)     any fixed penalty committed in respect of that vehicle under Part 111 of The Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 as amended by the Parking Act 1989, and any subsequent legislation or orders and any such offences committed under the equivalent legislation applicable to Scotland, and

b)     any excess charges which may be incurred in respect of the vehicle in pursuance of an order under Sections 45 and 46 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1988 and any subsequent legislation or orders and any such offences committed under the equivalent legislation applicable to Scotland, and

c)     as a result of the vehicle having been parked or left upon land which is not a public road, any charge or financial penalty which might be demanded by any corporation authority or person, and

d)     any provisions that may be replaced or amended in respect of the above Acts, Regulations or penalties, including the equivalent legislation applicable to Scotland.

4.     The Lessor Warrants:

a)     to provide the Hirer with a vehicle where all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure its roadworthiness and ensure it is well maintained.

b)     when informed of a breakdown by the Hirer to see that the necessary repairs are carried out promptly.

c)     if prompt repair is not possible, to provide a substitute vehicle or allow the Hirer to terminate the hire.

d)     the Lessor shall not be liable to the Hirer or any driver or any third party for any loss howsoever caused.

5.     Using Lessor's Insurance:

a)     this Agreement is subject to and deemed to include the terms, conditions and limitations of the Lessor's insurance policy.

b)     under this Agreement the vehicle hired may only be driven by the person signing the Agreement and those additional authorised drivers who have completed an Insurance Proposal Form accepted by the Lessor.

c)     the Hirer agrees to pay insurance charges on the Lessor’s current tariff and (except when the Hirer has agreed to pay the collision damage waiver charge) the cost of any collision damage or repair up to the amount of the Excess.

d)     in the event that the vehicle suffers any damage as a result of the wilful action of the Hirer or any servant or agent of the Hirer, even though It may be covered by the Lessor's insurance, the Hirer shall be liable to pay the cost of repair.

6.     Using Hirer's Insurance

a)     the Hirer undertakes to Insure the vehicle, equipment and accessories in its full value against loss or damage (including windscreen damage) by accident, fire, or theft under a comprehensive policy by an insurer approved by the Lessor. At the Lessors request the Hirer must provide full details of the policy before hire commences and shall instruct his insurers that the Lessor’s name be endorsed on the policy.

b)     the Hirer shall not use or permit the vehicle to be used in contravention of the terms and conditions of the Hirer's policy.

c)     the Hirer shall provide that any compensation due with regard to the Hirer's policy is paid directly to the Lessor. The Hirer will also be liable to compensate the Lessor. The Hirer will also be liable to compensate the Lessor for ALL loss or damage incurred by the Lessor in addition to the monies (if any) paid to the Lessor by the Hirer's insurers.

7.     Agreement Time Limitation

a)     the total rental period for this Agreement to operate may not exceed 90 days.

b)     Hirers on own insurance cover are responsible for hire fees of damaged vehicle during repair.

c)     Lessor is not responsible for any property left in the vehicle.

d)     Lessor is not liable for any damage or loss whatsoever caused by breakdown or other defects in the vehicle.

e)     Lessor may retain deposit provided overleaf to cover any amount due or which might become due hereunder.

f)      the vehicle will not be used in such a manner that it is overloaded (whether in total or in respect of any axle or other part) or is carrying more passengers or goods that it was designed to carry or may lawfully carry.

g)     no vehicle to be returned out of hours.

h)     Where the vehicle has recorded more than 2000 miles per calendar month, there will be an excess milage charge at the current lessor's tariff.

8.     If Vehicle is returned out of hours - deposit will not be refunded.